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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Risk is Key: A Lifestyle Where Courage Meets Heritage Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the rich cultures, histories, and contributions of the AAPI community. At Risk is Key, we're all about embracing risks and celebrating those who dare to push boundaries. In this spirit, we're highlighting some of our favorite AAPI risk takers who have made a significant impact in their respective fields.
by Vernell Moore on May 28, 2024
Zendaya wearing vintage Givenchy dress at 2024 MET Gala

Risk-takers Rule the Met Gala 2024: Bold Fashion Inspired by Time and Gardens

Met Gala 2024 was a testament to the transformative power of fashion when we dare to step outside the ordinary. Designers, celebrities, and even fashion icons like Anna Wintour demonstrated that true style is found in taking risks, breaking norms, and embracing the unexpected.
by Vernell Moore on May 12, 2024
Risk takers challenge header

Risk Takers Challenge: Unveiling the Boldest Moves That Make All the Difference

Risk Is Key Clothing is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new vlog series: Risk Takers Challenge.

We're diving deep into the lives of inspiring individuals who dared to be different, both in fashion and in life. We'll be asking the question that ignites transformation: "What's the boldest fashion risk OR life decision you've ever made that's made ALL the difference?"

by Vernell Moore on April 09, 2024
Mimi Plange: A Ghanaian-American Design Powerhouse Pushing Boundaries

Mimi Plange: A Ghanaian-American Design Powerhouse Pushing Boundaries

Mimi Plange, an award-winning fashion designer originally from Ghana, is a well-known name in the fashion industry, known for her innovative designs and cultural influence. She has collaborated with numerous celebrities and sports icons, making a mark in the industry through her creativity, sustainability, and empowerment.
by Vernell Moore on March 28, 2024