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Rik and RiRi Beagle Mascots

RIK & RiRi The Beagle Mascots

Our beloved mascots, Rik and RiRi the Beagles who live, love, and wear Risk is Key with confidence and style.

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RiRi the Beagle Mascot

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Join the Risk is Key Lifestyle, where we wear our courage like a badge of honor.

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Rik and RiRi - "We Outside"

Rik and RiRi, our adorable beagle mascots look so cool in their Risk is Key gear, exuding confidence and style. They're ready for some fun summer escapades! Join Our Pack.

Every Moment Counts E=MC2 Cropped Women's T-shirt

Grab our Every Moment Counts Collection for women in various cropped t-shirt sizes inspired by Rick and Morty's escapades. Our mantra Every Moment Counts echoes our brand's ethos - to take risks in every facet of life. Get Yours!

Rik the Beagle Unisex T-shirt - Skateventures

Be confident and stylish by wearing our Rik the Beagle Skateventures unisex t-shirts. The shirt features Rik the Beagle riding his skateboard, exuding a peaceful and carefree vibe. Hop on board with us.

Risk is Key Denim

Risk is Key Denim is a reflection of the shift the brand has made to focus on classic aesthetics of denim items and complimentary pieces. Our classic and casual denim products for men and women are a must have.

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