Anti-touch Door Opener with Touch Screen Stylus and Key Chain

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Introducing our Multi-functional Risk is Key Keychain: A Smart No-Touch Tool

Our Risk is Key keychain is the ultimate multi-functional tool, designed for those who prioritize safety and convenience. Here are a few ways it can be used:

  • Open doors
  • Open bottles
  • Hold phones
  • Work as a touch screen stylus

With our keychain, you can avoid touching public touchscreens such as store checkouts, elevator buttons, and gas pumps. The rubber touch tip on our keychain works perfectly on touchscreens and signature pads while also preventing scratches on the screen.

The Risk is Key keychain is small and lightweight, making it incredibly easy to carry around every day. Its ergonomic design ensures that you can open doors, press buttons, and pull levers with ease and comfort.

Material: zinc alloy
Easy to clean the Clean-Key with a disinfectant wipe – will not tarnish or corrode the Alloy.
Colors: gold, silver, black